Keep Keeping On

Keep Keeping On

One overcomes a major hurdle in life when deciding to take a leap of faith in the direction of your dreams, but this is only a minor feat compared to ‘working’ the dream. Getting through the many obstacles that are bound to come your way. Reminding yourself that you are capable, and destined to succeed – that these obstacles are all just part of the process.

There is no easy recipe for making a dream come true, some would like to say ‘just add faith’ but while faith is a very important ingredient you will need to add a whole lot more, like vigour, resilience, patience, focus and confidence. Depending on your specific dream there may be few other ingredients needed. The most important step in reaching your dreams however is to keep pushing, don’t give up or it will all have been in vain.

This means starting each day with a renewed spirit, a new determination. You may need to alter your course a little every now and then but you have to keep going, keep moving, keep learning and keep growing. I’ve heard many entrepreneurs speak of the agony they went through in the beginning phases of their business only to admit that it didn’t actually get easier – they just got tougher. As hard as it is, it will be worth it when you go to bed each night with a new level of self actualisation and personal gratification in the strength you have learned and the growth you’ve made.

So Keep Keeping On



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