One thing I’ve been told would hinder the success of my career is my eagerness to venture into new industries and explore my capabilities in different professional roles. This was exciting and innate for me when I was younger but as I’ve grown I’ve felt pressure to define my skill set and commit to a profession for fear of seeming aimless, unfocused and well, career-less.

The trouble with that, for me, is I’ve discovered an array of talents, turned to passion, and while I completely understand that a focused career path can greatly contribute to a successful career, I just can’t seem to leave well enough alone with certain industries. I also don’t see the point of dropping a revenue stream and growth opportunity because people like to use labels upon introduction. When asked what I do for a living I usually respond “Hustle” and allow the other person to steer a topic of conversation depending on their profession, which I likely have some interest or experience in.

I am now of the opinion that focus in your career is more important than a stringent career path. Having spent some time discovering my talents I am now in the process of honing them. Developing each interest with purpose and strategy – instead of merely fumbling into opportunities. I think this is an important step on my journey to success and while it still leaves me with a moment of awkward silence when someone asks me what I do for a living, I feel challenged by and content with my ‘career’ choices.

To help me keep my focus I often call my passions to order by writing them down and noting how I have grown in each industry and what my goals are for each of them. I am well aware that I cannot do everything at once but with strategy, faith and focus I can do most things I desire and I may very well become really good at them.



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