No Plan B

No Plan B

People have always asked me what my plan B was as soon as I’d finish explaining my career goals. Perhaps my goals seemed unreachable to them and this was their slightly less than subtle way of telling me to dream a little smaller; or perhaps a plan B is necessary in this fickle life.

I’d respond to that annoying question by saying “I have no plan B’s, however I do have a few other plan A’s”. I plan to achieve all my dreams, some sooner than others and, some that can only be achieved after I have laid the foundation through my other achievements. “You’re scatter brained” I would hear, “too many ambitions will lead you nowhere”. Thinking back on it now I am so glad my automated response to such statements was to smile and ignore- ‘move to trash, delete’.

It was only when I left my day job to start my own business that these statements started to echo from the back of my left-brain. Cautioning me that I now had all my eggs in this one basket, and while I felt I had spent the past few years meticulously planning for this, the doubt crept in and I wondered if I should consider another possible career path. Not to stop this one or anything but you know, just in case?

I tried coming up with a plan B and seemed to only dream up more plan A’s – alternative routes that could lead me to the same objective. I realised there will be no true plan B for me, whether this way or another, now or later, I will see this plan A to fruition. My official plan B is “Complete plan A”.

I love my plan A, I dream about it day and night and I’ve spent years working on it. I would be happy to spend the rest of my life working on it because it isn’t an end result, it’s a lifestyle. I figure if plan A is a lifestyle then there will be no need for a plan B, just sub sections to plan A that help get you out of a pickle but never take you off course completely. So I look forward to another great year ahead, with No Plan B….