Get Organised

Get Organised

The saying ‘time is money’ is not only catchy but it’s true, the more time you can dedicate to being productive the more money you stand to make. But with everyone being given the standard 24 hours a day how can one get “more” time for money making? It’s simple…

Organise your daily tasks in such a way that you spend the least amount of time actively working on them

You need some of your tasks to be automated, as many tasks as possible. This is the same theory that provoked the commissioning of employees – if you have somebody handling one task while you handle another, the distance to the finish line gets shorter. There is a  way that you can shorten your path to the finish line without depending on other people and that is by planning ahead –

take the time now to strategise ways to complete tasks in a short amount of time, so that you can save time on each task later.

It seems like a no brainer but many people lose hours in a day just because they had to redo tasks or they forgot to do a task that will consequently slow down their production the next day. Being self employed, I’ve had to deal with the reality that nobody is going to micromanage my efficiency in small things, and I’ve learned first hand the consequences of mismanaging small tasks.

So here’s to a productive and organised year (sips coffee)… Spend some time thinking about the shortest route to your daily, weekly and monthly goals and then implement. Here are some things that have helped me so far – I’m still looking for more…

  1. Use your diary
    They tried to get you into the habit of this at school for a reason. I’ve depended heavily on my diary this year for everything from business meetings to drinks with my girlfriends. Absolutely anything pre-planned that requires time out of my day gets scribbled into my diary. It’s a little awkward when friends are like “yeah let’s go see that movie on Tuesday” and I whip out my diary, but I know habits are developed by repetition so I diaries literally everything now. I use the calendar on my phone the most but also keep a physical diary because I’m old school like that.
  2. Write down your weekly and daily tasks
    Lists, lists, lists. They may seem like a time consuming activity but forgetting to do something minor is a major paranoia of mine. For every goal I have, there are at least 12 steps to achieving it and missing even one step can take me completely off course. So I write my goals for the week or month down and then I work them backwards into little tasks with deadlines and concentrate on each task one day at a time. I find that as a creative this really decreases my stress levels because it takes but one melody on the radio to drift me into a whole different world where I forget why I even entered the room in the first place -one glance at my list and I’m back on track.
  3. Create and keep to deadlines
    I have deadlines for sending emails “Reply to so-and-so by 12pm”… It’s easy to put things off for later and the worst case scenario is when you have ten task for later and ‘later’ has arrived. Try to spread you deadlines through out the day and the week so that you feel progress as you achieve each task – planning your tasks in order of importance makes this easy. I even have a deadline to complete this blog and I’m close to missing it.
  4. Automate
    Don’t wast time doing things that your computer can do for you – send email reminder, calculate account statement, bulk mail send-out, remember contact information – learn how to uses the automate functions at your disposal and refill your coffee cup while work is being done for you. I’m currently working on this one, but I know once I get a hang of it my days will be much more productive.

Getting organised can be fun, it can become a little bit of an obsession actually. However before you can become successful at being organised in your daily tasks you have to organise your thoughts. You need to have clear visions and missions for your job and your life. Once you know where you want to go and what you want to achieve, getting organised is the thing that helps you get there.




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