Sleeping Duty

Sleeping Duty

So I haven’t been sleeping much. I figure it’s a hazard of the new job – you start your own business, you spend your nights working on it. I thought I was managing just fine with almost 6 hours of sleep a night on average and one all-nighter a week but then I had this one traumatically deep sleep a few days ago. I couldn’t believe I was capable of being asleep that long. I laid down for an afternoon nap at around 3pm, which I usually did for an hour or so after an all-nighter but this time I did it a day late, and I woke up only to eat and use the loo at around 8pm before dragging my feet back to bed and waking up at 8am the next day.

I began to worry that my body was showing signs of malfunctioning. My brain had been completely off, I couldn’t even recall dreaming until seconds before I woke up when I dreamt of telling myself to wake up and work. I had been drinking so much coffee the week of this black-out that I considered that to be a probable cause for me crashing. Spooked, I took to google to diagnose myself.

There are so many mixed reviews online about the need for sleep and how much of it is needed, and it didn’t help that I landed on an article that listed some of the greatest business people as ‘sleep deprived’. I blinked my drying eyes at 1am and thought… I can stand to put in a few more hours? I mean, I’m no Melissa Mayer just yet?

The worst part is I’m a really great sleeper. I can pass out in less than 60 seconds, anywhere, anytime. I’m actually known for doing so in social settings but I just also have so much passion for what I’m doing right now that in the middle of the night while putting in work I forget how nice sleep is, and in the morning I’m so impressed with how much work I’ve done that I spring out of bed keen to do it all again – that can’t be a bad thing can it?

I decided to take some precautions though – to try to ensure I don’t crash again. With my mothers voice in mind and some help from google I’ve decided to cultivate the following habits:

  1. Drink a glass of water between coffees
    -not going to be easy
  2. Spend 45 minutes doing something relaxing, other than working, before sleeping
    -also going to be difficult but I’m keen to try this one
  3. Don’t skip the mid day nap after a late night
    -never again
  4. Get some exercise at least 3 times a week
    -joined the gym… let’s see how that goes

There was a longer list, that included things like “sleep more” and “stick to a bedtime routine”, but I can only commit to giving these four things a genuine effort. So here’s to continuing to work late until I reach my goals, but also to taking care of myself in the process.



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