If You Want Something Done Right…

If you’ve ever asked me if I ‘can’ do something, anything, you’ve probable heard my extemporary response “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. And while I firmly believe I can, and have proven this theory true a hundred times over I have a new view when it comes to business scenarios.

See I recently bit off a chunk more than I could chew when a valued client of mine needed help with the photo editing of product images for his website. While I spent a good few years exploring photography and photoshop, and even paid off a big portion of my tuition from photography work, I soon learned that editing product to the level that was required would demand consecutive hours of my time (a luxury for someone running as many projects as I am), new software and hours of how-to-tutorial watching. Never the less I sent up a prayer and asked Jesus to pull through again because I had publicised his abilities and well, people were watching.

I tried and tried and I will admit I am far more informed about photoshop and illustrator than I was before but through all this I had two major events to manage and a family trip to Thailand, causing me to miss my deadline by about a month (gasps). And I still wasn’t satisfied with the result.

I realised I had been making the mistake so many of my clients had made before hiring me – they tried to do it themselves and simply couldn’t do as good a job as I can because they hadn’t spent years perfecting the craft like I have. They didn’t breathe brand management like I do and while they may not have destroyed their brand when trying to manage it on their own (and while I took great photographs) it would have been far less painful and more fruitful to let a professional do it.

So I decided to change my thinking when it comes to matters of business. I will change my task hoarding ways and pass on work to people who will not only do it better than I would but who would actually enjoy it, as I enjoy my core work. I will promote the spirit of collaboration and when asked if I ‘can’ do something I will only answer yes (in business) if I feel I am an expert in that field.

If you want something done right… hire an expert in that field.



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