Influencer Marketing

One thing you need to be in marketing is adaptable. Yet in brand management it is required that you are grounded in the core values of your brand, so I’m often faced with the task of swatting away marketing fads and convincing my clients that jumping on every bandwagon will land them in Antarctica selling bikinis… Know your market, or rather, trust me to.

But with the rand dropping and competition in retail being what it is I feel the pressure to prove to my clients that I am in fact thinking out side of the box to give their brands the competitive edge (even though innovation has become the new box). So you can imagine my relief when a classic PR tool started surfacing on industry sites as the ‘New Way of Marketing’… Influencer Marketing.

Public Relations is all about influencing public opinion of your brand and it’s product/services. Traditionally influencers have proven to be extremely effective as ambassadors for brands however getting a famous and influential person to endorse a brand used to carry a very hefty price tag.

Now with social media making people famous over night brands are realising the benefit of synergising with the ‘almost famous’ and lending their influence to tip them into the ‘fully famous’ category, while establishing a relationship that will ensure an ROI from this new found fame (classic PR people this isn’t new).

I am a fan of this strategy for the reason that all parties benefit over an extended period of time, including me. There are just a few things one needs to ensure when executing an influencer marketing strategy:

  1. Know your market and pick an influencer who would appeal to it, even if the influencer doesn’t appeal directly to you. You need to be objective here.
  2. Do your due diligence with regards to your influencer – try not to land up in an abusive relationship with an influencer who does not respect your brands core values or people in general.
  3. For the love of God – have a marketing campaign in place, don’t waste an opportunity to connect with your market by getting someone marginally influential to post “nice jacket” and then think you’ve executed a marketing campaign.
  4. Clearly define and communicate the terms of your collaboration. Just do this.
  5. Manage your relationship with the influencer – you are not sticking an ad on a pole you are dealing with a person who has career goals and life goals, take care.

Ok there are like another 20 things to consider but I’ll have to charge you a retainer to give you all of that 🙂 Happy Marketing.



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