It’s Just Business

I hope you rolled your eyes in frustration as you read that heading, because I have every time I’ve tried to start this blog post. I’ve been in business for myself for under a year now and I get the feeling that I am the only person who thinks that after my God and my family my business is the most important thing in my world right now.

How can I not take it personally when someone defaults on an agreement? I would take it personally if a friend said “I’ll meet you at Starbucks” and didn’t pitch. I’d take it personally if a stranger did the same, so it stands to reason that if an official agreement with a person who has proclaimed mutual interest and benefit is not honoured, I would take it personally.

I don’t trip out or anything, I just feel a little betrayed and shocked at how people wear different faces and think it perfectly justifiable to excuse their fraudulent behaviour as “business savvy”. With worse I believe that their is an especially fiery spot in hell for those who do so without as much as an explanation.

That said, I fully understand that I could benefit from a thicker skin- sooner rather than later. So I’ve challenged myself not to take it “personally” but rather to realise that not everyone has good intentions – even if they have good brands that I’d love to represent, or good merchandise that I’d like to use for an event.

Everyone is on a journey and some of them have started businesses on their journey of financial discovery before getting very far on their journey of self discovery. They may or may not regret the moral mistakes they make on their journey but my focus needs to be on my own journey and not on theirs. So in that view, “it’s just business” makes a little more sense to me.

I still wouldn’t go around preaching the term as a way to excuse despicable behaviour but I will allow it the authority to release me from emotional ties and remind me that I have business to do… albeit with a different entity.



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