Good Goals

I guess you could call my goal setting a little obsessive, I’m constantly re-evaluating my progress and strategy for success. Always asking myself if my goals are still desirable or if I’ve outgrown them, and perhaps need to dream a little bigger. It is this thinking that has lead me to grow tremendously over the past two years as I learned to stand on my own in ways I never knew I could.

Self-growth has a way of making the things you thought were a big deal, seem irrelevant. There were many a teenage day when I though something or another was “ruining my life” and that I’d “just die” if I didn’t reach a certain mile stone by a certain age. Thank goodness that anxiety-driven-thinking is being phased out of my life. I’ve learned that the present is way more valuable than the past or the future and I’ve decided to set my goals to reflect that.

I used to have all my joy schedule for “one day” thinking that I need to work hard now to reap the benefits later, and while I acknowledge that seeds do need time to grow I’ve learned that it is equally important to live in the moment. So I’ve set the goal of finding joy in my daily life. In my job, family time, time in transit for errands or whatever. I am now on a mission to enjoy my now. And what a relief it has been.

I will always be a goal-digger though, I get pleasure out of that. I just no longer associate my goals with anxiety – reaching a goal is meant to bring on good feelings, and striving towards a goal should bring on good feelings too. Thinking like this actually encourages me to dream bigger and work harder – not for fear of failure but for the enjoyment of the journey. Life is present if you live in the present.



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